Does PVOUTPOUT now auto reload via ENPHASE source data a prior day(s) data?


My ENVOY was not internet connected for a day. In the past if PVOUTPUT did not see the data from ENPHASE by mid night my local time it would not load the interval data for the day. So on 11/17/2020 my ENVOY could not send data to Enphase but caught up today on 11/18. I expected no data to show in PVOUTPUT for 11/17 so I entered in the total for the 11/17 day manually without intervals.
But after just a few hours I GLADLY see that you BB have put in some feature that auto reloads the prior day(s) of data that might be have been missed? Again I did not load the interval days data just the one record for the total day yet I see the interval data that did make it to ENPHASE.
IF you added the feature THANKS! And how many days will auto go back to reload ENPHASE API data?
IF not then how is this happening as I loaded no interval data for the day?


There is a recovery feature that will download the last 24hrs from Enphase if there hasn’t been any data received for the last 6 hours. Seems like it triggered for the scenario above and retrieved data for the 17th.


Great thanks and good to know per my recent outage I fixed on my home to enphase upload.


Great stuff, it largely did it’s job. Data earlier today for 26th was just for up to 09:10. Automatically added all data for 26th bar that between 09:10 and 10:50 (Enphase had one of it’s irregular hiccups). far better than it was. Great Job.