Do we have SUMMARY by Year? Like You Have By Month Already

I just noticed that you have a nice SUMMARY compare by MONTH. Is there already such a SUMMARY for years where the average is shown along side full year productions to compare nicely? Viewing Year history data is not the same you already have. And in the compare for year you can show YTD for that current year like you do for months already.
Here is the example I just noticed is there already. So same but by Year with an average.

Maybe you have this to show same but for me it is not the same as above summary you show by months within year which is very usefull. So years would do same as above but for just full years and maybe many years since graph would allow such since months are not shown.
This below is not what I want.

Is this the yearlyy compare I am looking for called AGGREGATE? and not Summary by Year?

There is no summary by year, the yearly aggregate view already does this except there is no average across year figure.