Directional ct clamp

Anyone know where to get a directional ct clamp. I need one for my flukso.
All the clamps I have or have bought don’t seem to be directional. I can’t buy the genuine fml02 clamp that is directional anymore.

I believe the CT clamps that come with Smappee are directional. They seem to know in which dorection the current is flowing. Maybe you can pick up one from them?

cheers ill have a look

My poor, slow brain just remembered…
I have four spare Smappee CT clamps - I used to have a house with three phase, now we are in a single phase place, so I have four extra clamps.
Are you in Australia???

Yes in Australia.
How much are you looking for?
does the clamp have an arrow on it to show the direction?

I haven’t looked at the forum for a while. Yes there are arrows. The four clamps are just sitting in a box in my ‘bits & pieces’ cupboard. Email me at and send me an address to send two clamps to.
I’ll include bank details and you can send me the postage.
Sound fair enough?

been flat out myself will email now