Demand Tarrif

Hello All,

Would anyone be able to assist me to setup the process for Demand Tarriff?

I am with Energy Australia and my plan has just changed as most plans have in Queensland. I now have a peak and a demand tarriff.

Peak is 24.7170 cents/kWh

Demand is 13.1494 cents/kWday between 4pm and 9pm daily
& whatever this peak value is between 4pm & 9pm will be whats charged per day for that month.

Daily Surcharge is $1.0857 per day

Has anyone experienced this similar Tarriff setup & have you been able to make it work with PVOutput?

Thank you

Are they charging -

  • 13.1494c (demand) between 4pm and 9pm
  • 24.7170c (peak) on all other times?

That’s correct. they will charge the highest reach demand between 4pm and 9pm multiplied amount of days in the month. That’s my understanding & happy to be corrected by anyone too.

This charge is calculated per kWh taken from the grid, per day multiplied by the number of days in the billing cycle . As an example, if you are charged 25c per kWh demand tariff and the maximum demand is 4kW in a single 30-minute window over a 90-day period, an additional $90 will be added to your bill.
Ontop of your actual usage

You can enter something like the below as a Tariff Plan or simple TOU entry -