Deleting all records?

Hi guys,

fairly new at PVOutput.

uploaded about 5 years of data, and then realized that I needed to multiply my data by 1000 for it to show correctly - i.e.

I uploaded as 22.764 kwH and it is showing up as .023 kwh which is obviously wrong.

is there a way for me to either fix the data in bulk within PVOutput or can I delete all and reupload ? And is it possible to upload more than 200 at a time ?

thanks in advance.

The easiest way is to re-upload with the correct data, it will overwrite any existing records with the same date.

cheers matre, will do.

Hi, Have been able to zero out PVoutput flag in DayData.
What’s the process for reuploading, please?
I don’t use API calls, rather SBFspot interface and upload daemon - easy man’s method.

See this answer
PVoutput flag should be ‘null’ instead of ‘0’

Saw your response there on Github, thanks again - Alex