Definition for Output

Sorry, this is probably a really dumb question but I scanned the documentation and the forum and didn’t find an answer - I thought this would be one of the first things in documentation…

What is the definition of the Generated data that is uploaded?

My system has 2 values: the first is the raw power generated by the PV array, the second is the power output by the inverter - the difference being the inverter conversion losses but also some lag due to PV energy battery storage. Short term, they appear quite similar but over the long term, they diverge significantly.

My guess is that different system mix these values and there is a mix here, but it would be great to have a formal line on which value is expected?


Hi. It’s entirely up to you which you upload but the most useful value ( at least to me ) is the AC power figure that is output by the inverter. I also output the DC power figures but to the extended data variables. If you have a DC coupled battery you may wish to consider another approach.

In both cases the Power figure would represent the usable power for your particular installation.

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Thanks. Yes, it a hybrid inverter and the battery is DC coupled so PV energy is diverted to the battery and only appears as Output energy after the PV output has dropped.

As the battery may not fully charge or discharge each day, there can be a significant difference between the PV DC generated and AC output each day. There’s also the DC to AC conversion losses taken off.

I’m interested in comparing performance but it sounds like there could be a lot of variability between systems.