Data pull from Fronius Solar.web

I have a new Fronius based system, currently accessing the data on solar.web manually. The API documentation mentions a centralized archive access from solar.web. Anyone knows what is the endpoint to pull the data from?



Currently there is no known API to retrieve data from solar.web - you will need to contact their support to confirm.

Data PULL from solar.web would be great - currently I have Fronius PUSH set up but unfortunately it doesn’t send VOLTAGE data to PVoutput (which would be great to monitor the daily grid overvoltages I’m getting in my area causing the Fronius to reduce output).

I guess the first step would be to ask Fronius solar.web if they have an API like you say

If you have a smart meter and the PVOutput meter push set up then you can get the voltage by tacking “&v6=Voltage_AC_Phase_1” on the end of your meter push string (called upload file name on the inverter web page).