Data publishing stopped


I get a starnge message: New users can only pu 2 links in a post.
It doesn’t work either with 0 link.
Any guess?


The rest of the question:


you might need to be a donator and have been a user for some time before you can post links


I Don’t want to be a donator.
Is there any other way to raise questions to you as to pay some bucks after I’ve sent for years data to you?


Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.


This is what I get from your site.
Probably I will get out. Sorry.


And: there were really just 2 links in the post.
After deleting one of them- sure for sure - the error message remained the same.
Something is wrong on your site.


Which time?
I post PV data to you for years.
I just expected some help from you but it seems to be unreliable.


did you mean that you can no longer show your live daily data, ?? if so possible causes may be loss of wifi, or something has changed in how you send your data, like a different password for your Internet provider etc, its un lightly to be at PV org end, but possible, please check for any change in how your data is sent, it may be simple to fix it if you can track down what has changed.


It is best to quote your system id for assistance. The donation status doesn’t affect your ability to post links here, and was likely filtered for spam as a new forum member.

The data stopped uploading on the 18/May and it is using direct uploads via the API. Check that your uploading software is still working and restart it as required.


Thank you.
I didn’t change anything on the script, except the URL from HTTP to HTTPS. But that just after the publishing has stopped and I started to look for possible reasons. Although https didn’t solve the publishing issue.
I’m investigating further.
Any other Growatt users are fine?


Which script are you using to upload growatt data?
I am using canadianreadspi and it uploads fine


I use this one but will have a look to your’s as well. Thank you. Do you use it for a Growatt inverter?


Thank you all for help! Publishing is alive again! Just rebuilt the whole script and directory environment on the PI from scratch, including systemd services and timers, rebooted the PI and it works.
Probably I need a new SD-card for the PI. It runs now for more then 3 years 7/24


glad to here you got your problem fixed through the forum==jim