Data on Enphase Site not on PVOUTPUT for Today 7/29, 7/30, etc

I don’t see any entry yet for 7/29/2020 on PVOUTPUT for my site in NY USA.
Are there issues with PVOUTPUT?

Enphase is ok as I checked data recorded there of at least 5kwh produced already just minutes ago. Please fix PVOUTPUT or maybe its an API issue into Enphase?


It seems I am not the only system per the YESTERDAY status of other systems too as it seems on the EAST COAST USA.

Same for me in France data stopped by 9.50 am

Same here. Enphase hasnt recorded any data…

Bloke gotta fix? Hope you can recover 7/29 enphase data?
By the way the record you now see on my system I manually entered to capture the days total production.

Now day 2 for 7/30 NOTHING stored by PVOUTPUT! Anyone else still not seeing data collected into PVO?

Hello folks having issues this is what I just did and now walla I have 7/30 data. And I notice that my manual 7/29 day summary data has been overwritten with 5 minute intervals since 9:25am only for that day. What I did whether or not a concidence that suddenly the 2 days of data came to me in this order not for any reason.
1–in settings, I edited each of the systems defined and just saved without any changes
2–on the settings panel itself upon first entering I did save with no changes

Suddenly the 7/30 data showed to current time in the day summary with its 5 minute intervals in details of that day. Then I noticed that 7/29 was reloaded to but the start time is as of 9:25am so something must have gone wrong on Wednesday morning causing this. I at first entered my own summary day for 7/29 at night by end of day knowing no 5 minute intervals would not be shown since PVO did not recover. With the reload as it seems by PVO, I have to edit the total for the day to represent the true value which it does not since the pre 9:25am NYTIME intervals are missing. You can go to Enphase site if you have sign in and custom query for 7/29 the days production total to set the PVO total to what it should be at least for 7/29.
Is this a conincidence because of my edit saves or maybe Bloke was fixing something just as I did the saves? I don’t know and maybe he can chime in. If he did nothing then there is a bug it seems in PVO to suddenly stop showing at least on the web site for some of our east coast USA systems. I say showing because not even 5 minutes went by for PVO to go through the Enphase API to get any data which to me means PVO had the data but was not displaying it properly for some reason during my viewing.
Other observation, though 7/30 now has entries the PVLADDER still shows LAST SEEN of yesterday…but maybe this is a batch process that eventually catches up Bloke has in place.
Solar production life is good again for this system in NY USA. Meanwhile LIVE OUTPUTS view shows it active as of minutes ago.
My 7/29

My 7/30

My Daily View of both days

Thank you. That seemed to do the trick and now my system is logging data again. It also backlogged 50% or so of the data from yesterday.

Thank you it seems it’s working using your tutorial. Enjoy the sun

thanks worked for me as well

The issue was PVOutput was receiving unauthorized errors from Enphase API for your site.

{"reason":"401","message":["Not authorized to access requested resource."]}

PVOutput will automatically stop downloads from the system after a few hours of these errors.

Saving the PVOutput system settings will re-enable the downloads from Enphase again.

Interesintg Banksownbloke…I guess we need to remember to do the procedure I said to reset the connection…simply edit each system and save it without changes.