Data Aggregation to Parent System

I forgot to donate for a few weeks which stopped the premium features from working. Specifically, ‘Data Aggregation’ - "The live output of this sub-system is automatically uploaded to the parent system. I have 2 solar systems which upload & combine their data to my parent system ( Is there any way of making this happen from the few weeks that I forgot to donate for?

I ended up loading the data in manually using the ‘Live Loader’ link at the bottom of the ‘Add Output’ page.

Reloading data to any of the children will aggregate to the parent, as long as it has not passed the 90 day limit.

I use Oxley Solar, on Google Play Store. All the childrens data had already been auto loaded over that period. Im sure there isnt an option to reload any data if its already been uploaded. To manually upload data I have to log into my Inverters using the Sunnyboy software on my PC then download all the needed data. In the end it was easier to just manually upload those few days to the parent system by adding both childrens output for each day and using Live Loader.