Data Aggregation stoped working

I have 4 systems and have been using one parent system to aggregate all of the systems.

It was working fine until 23/nov/2022 at 11:20 am. Now, when I go to any child system, the Parent System is set as “None”.

And even if I change the Parent System and click Save it won’t save.

If I go to the settings of that child system again, the Parent System still as “None”.

Any ideas to help me out?

This is because 71881 has been assigned to another parent 88097.

Its not possible to assign a child to parent that itself already has a parent (i.e. more than 2 levels)

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That’s it. But, how was this 2 level structure working before? We did the tests and the parents were working fine, and suddenly it stoped working.

When a child system is assigned to a parent, there is a check to see if the parent already has a parent itself.

It is possible to workaround this by

Assign ‘Child A’ to ‘Parent B’ first then assign ‘Parent B’ to ‘Grandparent C’.

Resulting in the following chain -

  • A → B → C

But the aggregation only works one level, i.e uploading to A only aggregates to B - it does not propagate further to C. Uploading directly to B still aggregates to C.