Data Aggregation not working anymore


Since 3 days the aggregation to a parent system is not working anymore.

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Please provide a link to the parent system.



Here are the details:

Parent : System
Sub 1: Live (SMA Loader) is working fine:
Sub 2: Manual upload ( is not added:

I do an manual upload of sub 2 and this one is not added since March 25,


The update of the parent is not done correctly.
Now when I manually update Sub2, then the Parent shows only these values.
And the existing values of Sub1 are ignored.



This has been fixed. See data aggregated for the 29-Mar-2020 from both systems. Missed dates can aggregated by manual upload to the 73274 child system.

The problem was the parent system was a transfer from another account which isn’t supported for aggregations at the moment.