Data aggregation dos not work for me as described

I have 2 childes and 1 parent.






The Debt and Credit on the Parent ist always zero but PVO says:
Sum all child credit and debits to this parent. Parent does not calculate tariffs.

So i expect the Tariffs from the first child should aggregated to the Parent but the aggregation shows always zero. The Tariffs from the second child are always zero they are not needed because the smartmeter are on the first system. I need only the Solar Values aggregated to the Parent.

What i am doing wrong?

The configuration looks correct, can you try setting a peak tariff 0 for IR4 Garage?

Done with 0.0, but after saving and reopening, the Tariff Fields are empty again

There is another issue with the aggregation

child IR4:

parent IR4 Master:

The first Value at Midnight “Energy used” is ok its zero but then the next hours fixed 0.500kWh ???

(the 5.999W at Midnigth at “Power used” are for manual Axis Scaling)

The tariff aggregate issue has been fixed. Parent cr/dr on IR4 Master is now the same as IR4.

The parent is correct since it is not possible for energy to decrease and it will only show values greater or equal to 500.

Thanks than i have to deal with it


At this night i checked the aggregated values at IR4 Master and until arround 1:45 in the morning all values are the same as in IR4 as they shoud.

the next check was around 3:30 and al Values are overwritten backwards with 0.583.
somthing happens in this time.

some more infos

if the child IR4 Garage is offline, the Aggregation works as it should until 5:20

IR4 Master:

at the Moment the IR4 Garage is Online at 5:25 and has no Values, it overwrites the IR4 Master backwards until 00:05

IR4 Garage:

The last Values over 0.583 are written correct but the older Values are fixed 0.583, exept 00:00