Data Added to PVoutput but not updated [Solved]


Been trying to add data every 5 minutes, for but not able to as i get a
OK 200: Added Output
But data is not reflected.

Data uploading to PV output

2019-02-12 10:35:00.112 [INFO ] [ipse.smarthome.model.script.PVoutput] -

Anything i am doing wrong?
SystemID : 51542

Also tried using:

r1 instead of r2.

It says 200 Added OK but does not update

Hi the above link says Unauthorized 401: Invalid System ID,

sorry i am not inside the pvorg system like banksdown bloke so i can only see your system if you send me your system name to look up on the PV ladder system id will not work for me or anyone on the outside of PV .org Jim

I have not entered the System ID and API Key…

I get a 200 Added OK but the data does not update.

My system ID is 51542

Use ‘addstatus.jsp’ instead of ‘addoutput.jsp’

Thanks !!! That fixed it…