Dashed red line on daily view


My apologies if I have asked and I do think I did years past but could not find the answer on search. What does the red dashed line represent on the daily page: https://www.pvoutput.org/list.jsp?userid=28753
I tried to interpret it as either 55.7 kWh generation or 5.55 kWh/kW on the efficiency side- neither of which makes sense. I notice this dashed line increased after I added a secondary array but the line does not correlate to either 7.755 kW (before) or 10.075 kW (after).


I think I figured it out for those who might be interested. If you have monthly targets set (under more, edit estimates) in your PV account for monthly kWh production, I think this line is the daily target for the current month (current month target/days in that month). If that is the case, this line should be on the live view instead as the daily view spans over 2 months and targets on each month are different.


Hi yes the red line is the daily target for the month which is either set from monthly estimates or if not set, is then generated from the monthly Insulation figures the system should generate as set in the system info entered in settings, Jim


Thanks for the confirmation.