Dark Mode

A dark theme is now available under Settings for donation enabled accounts.

Happy holidays! :christmas_tree:



I really like the new Dark Mode. Unfortunately, I can no longer read the instantaneous values.



I think you may have the “Graph Tooltip Style” set to “Split”. Try changing it to “Shared”.

Dark Mode

That should change it to look like the image below.


I prefer dark mode and I’ve made attempts in the past to get PVOuput to show this using extensions, but not all browsers are compliant, so this is very welcome :slight_smile:

That’s odd - I see those values listed in a single moving box, not in individual boxes. And they show OK for me in Dark Mode.

[Edit: Lennybig beat me with an actual solution :slight_smile: ]

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If you’ve changed the tooltip colours previously it will use these colours instead of the theme, just click on ‘RESET’ next to the ‘Graph Tooltip Colour’ it will use the dark mode colours.

EDIT - Disregard the above, it seems to be a problem with the ‘Split’ mode specifically.


The split tooltip now works with dark mode


Love the dark mode, but the implementation kinda sucked.

pvoutoput loaded with the normal light more for a few minutes, then everything becacame VERY unreadable.

Changing it to light and back to dark fixed my issues.

Chrome Version 98.0.4758.82 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 11 Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.22000.493]

Please post the link to the screenshot.

Also, try clearing any browser caches and refresh.