Daily Grid Import/Export


I’m just wondering where the data for daily Import and Export comes from? There is a slight variance between what’s reported here, and what my power company has to say, but that could come down to how the grid meter collects its data.

I’ve gone through my Envoy-S local output of json files, and I’m unable to find anything close to the values that are displayed here. The only thing I can find is on <ip address>/production.json, in the net-comsumption area is a value for whToday, but it reads 0.

Seeing that this value is 0, I can’t work out how the Import and Export values are worked out. Maybe there is some very fancy maths at work here, but I couldn’t work it out. The only other thing I can think of is that there is some values hidden away that I can’t get local access to that then passed on the online API and that is where PVOutput is getting them from.

Are you able to confirm any of this @bankstownbloke?


PVOutput uses the Enphase ‘consumption_stats’ API for consumption data -


Thanks mate. I’ll check it out.