Daily Credits not being applied?

Hello all,

Just an old fella looking to find out what I am doing wrong.

In Settings > Edit Tariffs > Credit Rates > Daily Credit, daily credit does not seem to be applied in the balance calculation.
The only credit applied is the FIT.

To my understanding, credit is FIT + daily credit, and debit is consumption tariffs + daily service charge, and balance is credit minus debit.
e.g. ($7 FIT + $3 daily credit) - ($3 tariffs + $2 daily service) = $5^.

My daily credit is QLD Govt rebates @ 293 cents / day.
System ID 1554 David's Decarboniser 5.670kW

Any help would be appreciated.

It seems the daily import and export amounts are added manually?

Yes, I read my meter at sunset daily to get the Tariffs 11, 33 and solar export numbers, and put them in a spreadsheet, then manually input them to PVO.
Up until 30 June 23, my spreadsheet and PVO credit, debit and balance figures were almost identical.
Generous QLD gov rebates from 1 July 23 have increased my daily credit figure making it larger than my daily debits figure (service fee, meter charge).
Prior to 1 July 23 my daily credits were smaller than daily debits.

The daily credit is applied on the automated upload balance but is not added to the balance when manually updating via the ‘Edit Output’ page.

This missing feature will be added soon.

The daily credit amount should now be added to balance when manually updating your output data.

BB, you legend, thank you so much.
PVO balance and my spreadsheet match to the cent.

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