Custom Calculations Based on PVO Columns Possible?


I reviewed the help file, but couldn’t find anything which speaks to being able to do custom calculations based on standard PVO columns such as Generated & Consumption.

Is there a way to create a custom calculated “Extended Data Rule” between two standard columns such as calculating Generated minus Consumption?

Looking to calculate net power consumption to compare with what Edison says I used. I realize they won’t match perfectly, but will also help identify gaps in data and other issues.



yes, select a day or week or month chart then go to custom under the chart a drop down box opens, click on the display and an other drop down box opens this may be what you need, also you might try the little square boxes under the date under the chart to see if with on of them and custom it gives you what you are looking for jim


Thanks. Tried all those. Unfortunately, none give me the net consumption for the time period selected.


hi by net do you mean the amount you have imported from the grid over a set period of time ?
so how close is the Time of use view, i have found mine is within 1-2 kw per month of what the power company says,perhaps it might be easer to correct the imported data ?


Yes, Exactly. I use both SolarEdge pull and Rainforest Push for data imputs.

The “Imported” column however is not what I need as that column is incorrect for whatever reason. I believe it has something to do with pushing meter data to PVO as Wattvision I believe had the same issue.

Generation - Consumption = Pretty close to what the power company says I used NET for the day. I’m looking to create an extended data column or similar which can calculate this in a column of data applicable to time period selected.

So, if PvO has a way of creating a new custom column of data based on a simple calculation of existing columns of data, that’s what I’m hoping can be done.

This can be done with certain data sets within the extended data set, but I don’t see stock columns of data available for use, thus my question. :slight_smile: thanks.


Do you mean something like an Extended Data Rule say v7 = v2 - v4


Yep, exactly that. I think I figured it out. I wasn’t apparent the first time look at the extended data, but after a little fiddling with it, I got what I needed I think. Thanks.