Current cost uploads sometimes missed

I upload gas usage and electric usage using cc envi using the Pvoutput Integration Service, and all is well except I sometimes get missed uploads. All of the log files are missing the data right from the cc files onwards. It happens for (say) 40 minutes and then all is well again. different time on different days. As data is missing right from the cc logs I can’t see it being anything to do with internet connections.

Is this a known problem or is there any way of fixing this I wonder? I also note it affects only one stream at a time ie electric is OK but gas has missing data etc. I use Splitport to share the input port between the 2 streams.

Data from all streams is read at the same time for a single timestamp.

If one stream is missing data while another isn’t then this would indicate an issue with the CC collecting the data from sensor and sending it out on the serial port to be read.

The pvoutput.log file usually shows any errors with reading the serial port for data from CC.

Thank you BB. There are simply no readings on any logs for the missing data, so as you say, it must be a failure before it gets to the input port. It is so erratic which is confusing, but perhaps consistent with a failure of the wireless transmission between the current cost gas reading unit attached to my gas meter, and the cc ENVI. I live near a tv transmission station which in the past has been responsible for interfering with car remote control units and the like, so I suspect it is down to the activity of the TV station! I will reposition the ENVI to better collect the wireless data and see how it goes. My power usage data is nearer to the ENVI with better transmission and remains unaffected which fits the facts. Many thanks.