Current Cost on Raspberry Pi to Multiple PVoutput systems


I have a CC setup and I’m having some issues uploading multiple systems. I had previously been using a Windows based VMware VM running PVBC which allow me to upload to multiple systems. I’ve moved to a Raspberry Pi setup with PVoutput integration service and experiencing uploading multiple sensors/system data.

Current setup:
4 CC Transmitters - 3x single phase single clamp, 1x 3phase 3 clamps
Single ENVI with the single normal USB to serial that connects to the Raspberry Pi.

Primary system. Solar generation and 3 phase consumption is on one PVoutput system - This is working.
2x off peak tariffs on 2 separate child PVoutput system under the same account hence same API - This is not working.

I have a primary Pvoutput integration service instance running with the solar and 3 phase consumption on 1 system which is working well.
The problem is the other 2 systems. There arent many threads with this type of setup and I’ve read all of them. There was one suggestion to run multiple integration services and a changed So I’ve copied the whole pvoutput (integration service) folder to 2 different folders - pvoutput2 and pvoutput3. Modified the pvoutput.conf file and ini file to change the as well as the system ID but maintaining the same API key.

The issue I’m encountering (and maybe I’m doing this all wrong), is that the first integration service will run, which is fine, but when I start the 2nd and 3rd integration service, the ttyUSB0 is obviously already used and locked with the first integration service which will just error out.

Previously in PVBC allowed me to add multiple systems that took input and upload for multiple sensors and system IDs. Is there a way I can do this with the integration service on Raspberry Pi?
Maybe I’m doing this all wrong?

This would be the problem, once the port is opened for one program its locked for exclusive use. The PVOutput Integration Service only supports a single system id.

One option is to send the off-peak streams to extended parameters (v7-v12), see examples in currentcost.ini and enable the (flat) debit rate which may be added to the total balance.

Thanks @bankstownbloke.

I did read about using extended parameters. But I’m guessing that wouldnt upload into my other SID?

That’s right, it would be part of the same system.