Current Cost incorrect readings

Hi I have a problem with my current cost where as it is not reading the correct values

I have attached a image showing the problem (Note these images were taken within 30 seconds)

you can quite clearly see that the output from the current cost does not match the output readings from the Sunnyboy

or the AC current tester .

The output from the Tong current tester is very close to the output from the Sunnyboy 16.6 amps vers 17.03 amps so it is safe to say that the readings from the Sunnyboy are correct but the readings from the Current Cost is off by 20.46%

I have set the voltage on transmitter to 250 Volts and even if I set the voltage to 260 Volts it is still not enough to correct the problem.

I borrowed my mates Current Cost to do a comparison and the reading from both units were the same.

The AC current tester and the Current Cost CT clamp were placed in exactly the same position.
At days end today the data my mate posted to was incorrect by nearly 5kv
I am in conversation with Current Cost support to try and resolve this problem
Can anybody that has a Current Cost unit do some similar tests