Current Cost Envi died - Recommended replacement?

Hi All,

I’m looking for recommendations for energy monitors that can upload to PVOutput.

My Current Cost Envi died recently, having operating faithfully for 9 years. So now I’m looking for a replacement energy monitor.

Ideally I’d like a new monitor to be able to work on 3 phase, and upload to PVOutput, either automatically or via usb connection to an application on a Raspberry Pi 3b.

I’ve an old style spinning disk meter.

Any recommendations?


I have a flukso that uploads to their website and you can grab that through pvoutput it works well.
i use an ABB B23 S0 Pulse meter on 3 phase to send consumption data to the flukso. but that can be used for the generation if you wanted. pending what your trying to send to pvoutput.

If you have a fronius meter it is a lot easier.
I also use my fronius to send the generation data directly to pvoutput via fronius push, and have also hooked my S0 meter into the fronius so it can be sent directly to pvoutput too via a pulse splitter I made. (there’s no need for another device or the splitter in that case except I have a current clamp for my hot water).

What are you trying to do and what do brand of device do you have?

Thanks for your reply. Its just to measure and upload our household energy consumption to PVOutput. It doesn’t have to connect to a Pi, just have the ability to get the data up to PVOutput really.

I had the Envi connected to a Pi and uploading the consumption data using MeasureIt, and it worked well, but the Envi now loses the connection to the tranitter intermittently, and requires a power cycle to get it back working. New batteries were put into the transmitter to eliminate that as an issue.

My solar is a SMA TL10000, which I have uploading the generation data via SBFSpot on the Pi, and that is still working great.

I’ll have a look at the Flusko setup, thanks for the recommendation. Are there any guides around about getting the data to PVOutput, or can it do it natively? Their website says they ship to teh EU, are there Australian stockists?

Thanks again.

I use my old envir to do the parents consumption data with a pi . Used to use measureit but ended up changing to the pvoutput service.

Getting data to PVOutput is as easy as setting it up to upload to flukso website and then selecting it flukso from the list in pvoutput setup page and putting sensor and token id in.

they used to have an AU stockist but it doesn’t look like they sell them anymore.
you can buy direct from them though.

Why not just buy a new EnviR? There are normally a few forsale on ebay.
I too use Current Cost equipment to upload to PVOutput but I now also have a second EnviR connected directly to a Raspberry Pi running Home Assistant. A very clever gentleman who is a member of the Home Assistant forum has come up with a very easy way to utilise ALL the data that the EnviR collects. I was communicating with him just the other day about getting actual meter readings (I have Gas, Elec & PV) to display in Home Assistant and after a but of work from him and testing from me it now appears to be working perfectly (early days). The EnviR sends a number for each meter then by inputing a simple calculation into a configuration file the displayed number matches the meter number and stays in sync.

That is very nice! iS there a link you could provide?

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to spot an EnviR on ebay here in Australia, nor on Gumtree. There is some on Ebay Uk and one on Ebay US though, and they may be my best option even though shipping is a killer.

Pending how much you want to pay id sell mine?
I plan to convert the parents over to flukso that I have already purchased. I just havent had the time and the envir is working it just doesn’t suit the way i need to meter it.
I have the envir, 2 transmitters, 2 clamps and 2 usb cables I think.

Thanks for the offier, I may just take you up on it. I actually took apart the display unit and pressed all of the components in, and it has now been working for 2 days, whereas it was only working for 15 minutes max. So I’ll see how it goes. If it does die I’ll drop you a line.

I was really odd not to have the consumption value available to me, I guess over the past 9 years or so I’ve become very used to having the data available!

Thank you very much.