cURL updates disappear

Hi there collective mind.

Wondering if someone can shed light on what im doing wrong. I have linked my Enphase account to PVO and it is updating just fine, both live and daily. I now send my import and export data from my home assistant server via a cURL scheduled to push data from my sensors every 15 minutes. This works no problem, i see the data there but my problem is that the data then disappears again. Some testing seems to show my cURL data disappears when Envoy updates its generation stats. Is there something that I need to do to get both sets of updates to stick?

Enphase updates for the entire day, any manually updated data on the same day will be overwritten.

Thank you for the affirmation @bankstownbloke I have adjusted my tact based on this and have created a couple of new custom entities in home assistant to track previous days data and then amended my post to PVO to reflect yesterdays date instead. This has worked like a charm.

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