CURB Energy

Hello all, I stumbled upon this site when looking for a way to monitor my new PV SolarEdge System with my normal house consumption. I have a CURB energy monitor that I’m decently happy with but would like to have a more comprehensive overview of my production and usage. I could not find any existing support topics for Curb - just curious if anyone has been able to import their data into pvoutout? They seem to have an API available but I don’t even know where to start with it API

I use the Neurio (now Generac) power measurement device. It monitors both PV Production and Net use. It can be queried via its API and the data can be uploaded through the PVOutput API. I run a small program on a RPI 3.0 which transfers the power readings continually every 5 minutes. Check github for possible projects for your Curb.