CSV Upload Data validation failed

The screenshot.

Sorry for bad image.
The new correct image.

Are you sure you have the data delimiter set to a semi-colon?

Yes… Live Loader also failed… (Validation failed)…

I have the same problem with the live loader. It doesn’t seem to matter which data separator is chosen. By this I mean it won’t work if you use tab, space, semi-colon as separator. If you pick the wrong one (e.g. space while the data is tab separated) you get a different error.

There used to be a blue “Validation” button too. There you could see if everything was OK (and even uncheck lines you didn’t want to load). Perhaps this is related? Can’t you load values while they haven’t been validated first?

I use this “Live Loader” almost daily to fine tune my data, it used to be fine.
But recently it is always failed, whatever formats / inputs we put, etc.
Yes, normally data must be validated first before uploaded…

(The Validation Button has disappeared… There must have been some changes on the software…)

I have the same problem

Best to paste the sample data to https://pastebin.com/ and link back here

The examples above with empty data should no longer fail. Try loading again and there are still errors please post the first few lines to pastebin.com

Hi, this below example, is just a simple 1 (one) line of input, and still validation failed.
What about the “Validation Button” that has disappeared, or the new software version has been designed to “load” directly, without “validation” first?

Now the problem are solved.

It still has the problem, even with only 1 (one) simple input data.
And the “Validation Button” is still disappeared.
Where is the “Validation Button” ???

I periodically do manual uploads from my system as I can’t get the python load script for solarman data to work.
My last upload was 24/06/2021.
When I try loading new data in the same format I always used so far I get an ‘invalid time’ error.
I believe that is because my data includes the day as well as the time. However, up to June the date always got ignored.
Can this be implemented again please?

Strange thing is, when pressing for ‘show sample’ to fill in a sample of the data, and next ‘load’ that sample-data, even that fails on validation.

@pvoutput can you please repair?
Or indicate what we’re doing wrong


Please provide the raw data sample on pastebin.com and screenshot of the config

This should now work

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This problem just started today for me. Tab delimiters don’t work either.

Thank you very much @bankstownbloke
All good now :slight_smile:

It’s working again today. Thank you!

Yes, it is working again, even without Validation.
Thank you…