CSV to PVoutput

last month my SMA inverter stopped uploading to PVoutput.
It is transferring data to PVRecords as csv files but stops there.
Any help appreciated.

If you click on the “add output”, there is a place at the bottom of that page where you can load CSV files as a bulk load. Select the parameters you want to upload and If I recall correctly, The CSV file can be an excel file formatted correctly by columns. (Date, generated, efficiency, etc). Test with 1 date first. Hope this helps.

Thanks for trying to help. I tried one date in excel format but the data didnt upload.
My problem is when a power dropout or similar occurs then the data that sma inverter has exported to pvrecords is not picked up by PVbeancounter and sent to pvoutput even if I enter dates for PVBC to force an upload.
Each time this happens I have to manually enter data from sunny explorer graph.
Don’t know what else to do and cannot find tutorial to do it.
Cheers Rick

The CSV files are text and to convert them I go through this procedure.
Generation in B3 = 34380
In Q3 (Q2 reads Generation) formula is =LEFT(B3,LEN(B3)-3)
and this results in Q3 becoming 34.
in cell X2 I have place the number 1 (one)
In cell T3 to convert from Text to number I have this formula =SUM(Q3*$X$2)
T3 is therefore 34.
I do the same for Exported,Consumption, and Import.
Now on another sheet i have these column headings
A Date, B Generation,C Exported,D Consumption and K Import
Bearing in mind that the figures to be uploaded to Pvoutput in 000’s (34000) I need to copy the numbers as set out above into a sheet in columns other than A,B,C,D and K and then in Columnn B etc do a simple formula like =L2*1000
The date in column A should be formatted as *14/3/2001
Once all figures in the 000’s format complete copy them and paste into where gregvet stated in above post.
Good luck

Thanks Guys, I’ll try and get into experimenting with it ready for next stoppage.