Csv loader not working?


Uploaded a whole day of CSV values for 19/4/2019 for consumption and all was validated correctly and appears on my graph up to 11.05 just fine, but nothing after that time. I tried to reload just the 11.10 onwards but again no data was loaded. I tried uploading just one record for 11.10 but still no go. Is there a limit on the number of items I can upload per day or something? if I do nothing will it load tomorrow or is there something wrong. I am kingswood brum see graph for 19/04/2019. Any ideas welcome.


sorry folks - found my problem - the energy units were set to kw when my data was in watts so my usage appeared to be in megawatts! When my consumption exceeded 9999 watts (being recorded at KW) I guess the upload service said “stupid figures” and gave up. Changing the units to watts corrected everything.