CSV files and log files

Just curious whether the CSV files and log files are essential to the operation of SBFspot?

I’ve been running it on a Raspberry Pi and had the SD card go bad. So I’ve set up a fresh one, but now I want to reduce disk writes. Just wondering if I can turn off the CSVs and log files to reduce what SBFspot is writing to disk?

Also curious to know, the SBFspotUpload daemon seems to be doing a big write to the database each time it runs, and also uses a fair bit of CPU, wondering if there’s any optimisation that can be done there too?

Hi @savoy. I’ve just written a script to retrieve data from my weather station. I’m logging up to 24 hours worth of data to a ram disk on my Raspberry Pi. If the Pi loses power or reboots I’m not fussed by the loss of data. By default user ‘pi’ has a ramdisk accessible at /run/user/1000. So if you want to maintain some logging your could redirect the log files to a ramdisk. Just make sure that you have a procedure to stop the ramdisk from filling up.


To disable CSV creation, use -nocsv or set CSV_Export=0 in config
To disable logging, use -q

See SBFspot Upload Performance

Ramdisk implemented here also.