Cronjob between

Hey, I’m total new. Just had my inverter (SMA sunnyboy) installed, opened up the modbus port and I’m about to create a nice dockerfile for installing sbfspot. Now in the manual, I see this:

To collect data, SBFspot should run every 5 minutes from 06:00 till 22:00 and once a day (05:55) for month data and events.

Why is that? The sun isn’t always down at 22.00. Why not poll 24h a day?

Why not? You clearly live a long way north, a long way south or on the ISS. :smile:

As a bonus there’s less to type into /etc/crontab

You’re free to change it of course.
SBFspot doesn’t use modbus.

Edit: to be exact: cronjob 6-22 runs from 06:00:00 to 22:55:00 (I changed manual accordingly)