Credit/Debit on calculated field

Hi There,

Recently I have added my Gas-meter to my system in order to see how much energy this takes. And also, how much money this costs me. Mainly because I want to know the effect of a recently installed air conditioning/heating system (electricity) will have on my gas-bill.

I’ve added my current gas-reading to an extended data field (v9). The data is the raw meter-reading (only going up and contains the number of m3 consumed since metering-start). I’ve set the field to uncumulate in order to see the m3 per day. This works fine. I’ve also added a v10 field which calculates the difference in change of v9 in order to see the usage per 5 mins in my live overview. Also working great.

Now for my question; I now also want to see the debit effect of my gas usage. I’ve enabled debit (CR/DR) on the calculated field and also added both the Credit and Debit rates of this v10 field. However, the data is now showing up in my daily page. Could it be that CR/DR is not available on calculated fields? I could (I think) also enable it on v9 as (per day) this would be the same. I’ve only added v10 to see the details of the day. Would switching to v9 (debit) corrupt my data in any way? I had some problems with incorrect data in the system messing up my totals (also happened yesterday when I incorrectly posted 5000m3 on one day). It is very hard to correct this and the only option I found was to delete some 5 min data, but still some data was left behind (see the euro figure in the daily page).

So my question is basically:

  1. can you do debit on a calcuted field (it is not working for me).
  2. And otherwise; how would I go about handling my case (a gas meter posting raw cumulative data).

I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance

Regard, Martin

The problem was to be the amount being divided by 1000 since it is expecting kWh units, resulting in a very small value close to 0.00

This should now be fixed for M3 units.

Hello @bankstownbloke. Thanks for your reply (and swift action!). I basically came to the same conclusion when I saw a total of 0,01 yesterday. I was planning on trying to multiply my cents bij 1000 (to match kilo) to see if this was the case; but this is ofcourse cleaner! Is this now fixed for all m3 field or only for my specific case? I

Thanks again for your time and trouble!

Regards, Martin

It’s fixed for any field with ‘m3’ as the unit, although historic dates will still have the wrong debit unless new data is uploaded to recalculate it.