My PVOutput receives my generation data via api, and I manually enter consumption daily from my sense monitor. Just wondering if PV output can calculate credit/debit from consumption and generation or do I need to upload the difference automatically? My electric utility charges 0.143 cents for all hours and pays me back 0.07 cents once per year.

Would love to be able to keep track of the net and it’s dollar value, I just really am not sure how.



Hi yes you can do that,co to edit system, then scroll down to Energy Tariffs,fill this then next one down for a plan, then do the same for your exports and it will do it for you ,see help section for more help ,Jim
as you enter your energy used from your logier mannerly as i do,i enter on the daily edit tab, energy used,that is total energy =imports and used of roof, and then enter import energy,pv org then makes the numbers match ok. please see the help section for more, then you will get a day reading something like this with the $ filled in.
$0.00▲ · 775kWh · 332kWh · 535kWh · 92kWh · 240kWh
this is in my case set to show the last 30 days totals

For some reason my export value is equal to generation. since i consume solar kwh that is not imported or exported, I expected import and export to reflect net and the balance to show me what my “bank” balance is.

I am using net daily for my import/export settings.

Check this thread: PVOutput reporting generated + export as same

I did see that thread, but my site does not use tariff plans. My rates are essentially retail around the clock and wholesale when i get a check for banked kwhin May. Tariff plans are disabled. Not sure how to get it working for my pv array. Generation is automatic through Solar Edge API and upload the daily consumption manually ever day or two.

It is not possible to determine import/export when manually entering a daily consumption figure. The import/export also needs to be manually entered.

OK, thank you very much.