Credit column empty


I’ve changed Tariff plan from Credit TOU (Peak and Off Peak) to Tariff feed from v10 extended value.
I think calculations are fine and on Daily tab there are calculated values in Credit column, but on Weekly, Monthly and etc. tabs the credit column is empty.
Debit is calculated with TOU prices peak and off peak and the debit columns looks as expected in all tabs.

Where can be the problem?

Thank you,

can you take some screenshots to show what you mean?

Hi, here the snaps from daily and monthly views.

Does your tariff plan have dates set?
When did you change it?
Did it have the credit column filled in before?
Maybe can you recalculate the whole of July and see?

Yes, peak is drom 7 to 23 every day and debit is calculating fine.
I do the change this month and reuploaded whole month.
Yes, the credit column was filed when the price was static. Now i set the credit price from v10 and i uploded the value every five minutes together with other values.

I dont have v10 values for july, Ive reuploaded all data for august with v10 but only daily credit column is filled.

When filter monthly view by credit I think the sorting working but only values are not showing.
Debit + Balance = Credit is that correct?

This should be fixed now -

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Hi, it is fine now.

Thank you