Correct solar generation with multiple inverters

I have three inverters - one SolarEdge on phase 1, and two Goodwe on phase 2 and 3. The Powerwall picks up all the generation from all three on v12, but the solar generation in the Generation Only tab shows nothing now I’ve removed the solaredge query. I was hoping that the v12 would replace it as it is the nett generation across all 3 phases.

How can I show the consolidated generation going through the powerwall in the standard generation section? There is only room for two inverter feeds and Goodwe is not in the list…

Setup another PVOutput Integration Service with “direction=out” in the powerwall.ini config.

This should send the powerwall generation readings to PVOutput as Generation (v1/v2)

Brilliant!! Thanks heaps for this - I thought I already had two instances running then found I had forgotten one config file update. All working.

From the look of the log file, I could potentially just use one PVOutput integration services with the direction=out? All the rest of the parameters in the file are the same with the exception of the V1/V2…

If you only need the generation reading from powerwall then a single service with direction=out is fine.