Consumption reading about double for last sliding hr


For the last week or so that I’ve noticed, PVoutput is displaying my consumption as approximately double what it really is (or ever more) for about the most recent hr. This is a sliding ‘error’. As time progresses the graph from an hr back is normal and agrees with Fronius Solar Web (and spot checks I’ve done).

SID 22697

Anyone noticed similar behaviour ? What gives…

rgds . .Peter


And after doing it all day I just refreshed my display and its normal !


But its an ongoing issue… today again…

It shows about 3kw usage for last hr but its been about 0.8 to 1.2 kw only. As the hour passes the graph adjusts and displays the correct readings.
The table incorrectly shows the wrong high readings.


And again … suddenly its all good again. The entries for 11:10am onwards are now correct…