Consumption of Yearly does not fit


my Consumption in yearly view for 2021 shows a false value of: 4.821MWh.
If I check the montly view and add all together, the Consumption for the year 2021 is right: 9.329MWh.
What is the Problem ?
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The consumption data is incomplete, the yearly aggregate would only sum consumption data present.


The days with missing consumption and calculated is shown in gray and underlined, these records are excluded from the yearly sum.


For the monthly, it calculates the consumption based on other available data such as import. It is not possible to do this with longer time periods such as yearly.

thanks, I updated all 2021 data.
In the year 2019 there is all shown in grey too, but the yearly sum is OK.
In the year 2020 there is the same problem as 2021.
Do I have to update the grey consumption so that I get black like in 2021 to calculate the yearly sum?
Was this function implemented in 2020 ? Can I take all assumed data to real data per click?

Yes, only data present will be added to the yearly sum.

It has always functioned this way for a long time.

no problem in 2019 same data