Consumption Efergy Hub graph gaps


For the past couple weeks, I am noticing Gaps in my PVOutput consumption from the Efergy Hub Kit device. I believe it is not the device that is a problem? Because I can monitor the consumption live without issues by login to the Engage Website, and the consumption does not fail at all. Initially I thought it was the batteries that needed replacing, however even after replacing the batteries I am still seeing the graph gaps(Cons) in PVoutput.

You can see from the past, the consumption records fine.

Does anyone have any issues with their Efergy for consumption recently?


We have added a 24 hour history download every 8 hours. This will fill in gaps missing from 5-minute downloads.

History is downloaded every 2 hours for donators.


thank you for the reply,

I also can see today’s consumption(for the first time in weeks) that it is looking more consistent.

The History Downloaded 2 hourly for donators, is that new? I guess I never saw that in the past.


It has been implemented for a while.


And it works great, thanks BB.