Consumption data way out from power bill


Hi All,

I got yesterdays bill, it says I’ve used 1099kw in 90days (import) however the information I get from what I’ve imported straight from the grid states 857kw for the 90 days.

I’ve put a rule in to multiply 1.32x to the power consumption data, but does anyone else have this kind of discrepancy?


Hi Peter, yes same here, then i checked the bill dates and they were not from the first of the month,started on the 13 th, made a big dereference as pvo starts from the first of the month, and bill ended on the 12 th of the month. I went back and added up the imports between the dates on PVO and found less than 1 Kw h difference, what are you using to tell you what you have imported from the grid ?
i read the utility meter to tell me. jim


Turns out I needed to have seperate clamps on certain wires in meter box, I had the hard wired cables
all mixed together with the ac in cables etc which gave very weird results, basically had one clamp around 5 different wires for the consumption data. All looks fine now.