Consumption data w/ pge and enphase. Options?

My installer apparently did not install a CT so that I could monitor consumption with Enphsae. I think adding this is an option that I can connect to my combiner box. However, I am also looking at other options since PG&E collects the same data with my smartmeter. Right? I don’t see a way to hook PVOutput into the PGE “green data” using an API…

Therefore… it seems the solution may be to buy a hub such as the RainForest Eagle 200 (currently out of stock), and use their API to add consumption data to pvoutput. My meter is a Landis+Gyr FOCUS AXR-SD

Are these my options:

  1. Get an enphase CT and both consumption and production can be updated from enphase
  2. Download data manually from PGE and upload every day.
  3. Buy a smart meter gateway such as the Rainforest Eagle 200 and add that as a consumption input?
  4. Buy a meter that hooks up directly to my panel without using the smart meter?

Any recommendations here? Price and effort considered. Is there a 5th option to write a program that collects the data from PGE using an API, which can update PVoutput? Using “share my data” ?

Oh one other point. I am on the E-TOU-D plan. At it states you must have an eligible electric rate (E1, E6, EVA, A1, A6 or A10).

I have an Enphase system installed about 2 1/2 years ago, and my system also lacks the consumption monitor CT. I purchased a RainForest Eagle 200 shortly after my system went live and I use that to upload my consumption data. Works good. At the time I set up Eagle I didn’t see a way to directly upload to PVoutput (or maybe I just couldn’t figure it out), so I had to set up a free account with and have the eagle upload to them, and then configure PVoutput to poll my account on wattvision. Been working for a couple of years now, so I know it works. If you end up going that direction and need help in configuring it let me know. I am on E-TOU-C so I know it works with the PGE smartmeter (I am on E-TOU-C because I have a medical baseline not offered in E-TOU-D). Here is my system: SDN-Eagle-200 13.530kW

Thanks – it seems the Enphase CT or RainForest are both options. Do you think the RainForest has other benefits making it a better choice? Appreciate you confirming it works with your plan.

I think it would be cleaner to utilize the Enphase CT rather than another box, but at the time I wasn’t aware you could use the Enphase consumption CT without a battery installation (an assumption on my part, I never asked my Solar installer). The Eagle 200 gets it’s data directly from the PGE smartmeter, so it is NET usage, not actual consumption. To figure consumption you subtract the net usage reported by the Eagle 200 from the total solar output. With an Enphase CT you are reading consumption directly. I also have a Vue 2 by Emporia Energy that monitors both my solar and consumption separately (and selected individual circuits), so I compare what it reports to the data reported by Enphase (solar generation) and the Eagle 200, and they are pretty close. The Emporia Vue 2 does not have a provision to upload to PVOutput.

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Thanks – I ordered a Eagle 200 from an eBay seller knowing that running the CT was going to be a bit of a job. I figured it was a relatively small investment, and it does seem that the Eagle gives you a more “real-time” view than the Enlighten app would give you which might be kind of interesting to compare consumption of specific appliances. I also later realized that Enlighten has a basic option (MyEnlighten) and an advanced option (Enlighten Manager). Apparently my installer has to give me access to the advance option, which has an initial cost.

SCRATCH THE ABOVE regarding the installer required to sign me up. I see that I can do that directly in the Encase Service Hub.

I’m struggling a bit the role of my installer in between me and Enphase. Knowing full well my installer may be MIA in 5 years, it isn’t clear to me if I can just take over my own account at Enphase.


Easiest configuration with the Eagle-200 is via the built-in Eagle Push service that provides.
Eagle Push service

I’ve been that since my Eagle Legacy and now the Eagle-200. Works very well set as NET direction with my SMA Webbox using the AutoUploader.

My eBay purchase went bunk. The device was unregisterable and rainforest said to return it. eBay lessons.

Rainforest did send this:

Our new EAGLE 3 Gateway is scheduled for a market release end of August, 2022.
If you have not already done so, you can sign up for the waiting list to be notified when product is back in stock:

I think I’ll wait for the next gen.

I wish my Enphase solar installer would have told me about the CT.

Now, I have Production kWh numbers from Enphase,
Consumption (but they are zero in the middle of the day?!) , Generation, Net kWh numbers from SDG&E,
Net kWh numbers from the the utility’s SmartMeter via Emporia Vue (I could see them in in my ecobee Smart SI thermostat, but could not export/graph them),
but no accurate/pure Consumption kWh numbers.