Consumption data intermittently unrealistic with EAGLE 3

I just got an EAGLE3 and set it up to push to PVOutput following these instructions: Configuring Uploaders for the EAGLE 3 : Support Center

It seems like PVOutput is now showing occasional and wildly incorrect values:

(i.e. the “Power used” values in the 16 millions)
It seems like the values are maybe off by a constant amount? Something like actual power used plus 16777008…

Not sure if the EAGLE3 / rainforest cloud is doing something strange, or it’s a configuration issue in PVOutput? The data in rainforest cloud looks correct to me. It also happened a few times the first day, then didn’t happen yesterday, and now has happened a couple more times today. But even if it only happens once, it really throws off all the graphs and calculations!

Must be something odd with the push data.

Added some validation to error and not record any push that is over 100,000 watts

Great, I filed a ticket with rainforest to investigate the push data. Discarding the erroneous push data fixes the issue but creates a new one where there’s a big chunk of consumption missing during the day

It seems to only be an problem during generation, which suggests there is an issue with the net data.

After adding the generation to the net consumption, gross consumption becomes a negative value, which isn’t possible.

By default the eagle data is treated as net.

Add &n=0 to the end of the push config to disable net data and record gross consumption as-is from the eagle - if this is what the eagle is pushing out.

There’s not a way to add a specific flag to the URL via the default “PVOutput” uploader config so I added a custom one with that flag. But it never got past “Initializing” status - I think something went wrong on the EAGLE side. Continuing to work with their support to see if we can figure it out!

Did you get it to work?
No luck on my end.

Rainforest said they’d identified the issue and would push a fix. I think the fix just went out about a week ago - seems resolved for me!