Consumption and Import values are identical


I recently started live uploading of my consumption data from my neurio sensor four days ago. For some reason now my Consumption and Import values are showing identical and my Saved has disappeared. Have I missed part of the setup which corrects this problem? See the bars for Consumption and Import for the last four days:


The system import model has been set to Gross, this means all consumption is imported.

This needs to be changed to Net to calculate import based on consumption/generation.

Reference -


What should the Export model be set to?


I have the same issue my usage is showing the same as the generation power what is the correct setup as I have now tried everything… it used to work but not sure why it lost its setup …


Tried that does not work !


The export model should also be Net.

Export Net and Import Net is the most common model used by energy retailers.


Thanks for that and I already changed it. The termanology is confusing at times and makes things harder to get the settings correct.


I’m having the same problem.

Randomly the generated and exported fields match. The consumption and import values match too, but then there’s days where it seems ok.

I setup the tariff plans on the weekend and I don’t remember having this problem before that. I’ve double checked I’m using the Net export/import.

I’m new to all of this so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


Eventually found the answer in another topic… I needed to set a tariff plan (even though I was getting any FIT) for the period that didn’t have one.

Today’s figures are still showing incorrectly. Maybe they’ll adjust after the day ticks over a midnight?


No good. Yesterday’s stats are now wrong.

Live data is also being weird now with some information missing. This is particularly obvious via the iPhone app where a lot of the fields just show zero.

I did change my Fronius push to auto=1 rather than n=1. Could that have caused this?


Both generation/export and consumption/import are different in all the days shown below.

The push setting does not affect the tariff model / plan which is being picked up correctly.


Best to provide a specific example of what is wrong.



I went back to n=1 and the live data came good.