Connection not possible


I cannot understand why I am not receiving any power or voltage data. When I check the setting it say for the meter : Connection not possible, however the log data push and inverter are ok? I have included a photo of today’s data to Pvoutput, a photo of the settings page and the string I am using…I have checked the key and ID and they are correct and the same as for log data and inverter push.

Txs in advance


Hi fothers,

Do you actually have a Fronius Smart Meter installed with your system? This is an optional component.

The ‘Meter’ push is designed to upload data from the Smart Meter - It measures Imported and Exported electricity. If you don’t have the meter there are no data to push.

Also you probably shouldn’t display your actual API key as it would / could allow someone with mischievous intent to alter your data. It would be advisable to generate a new one and update the setting in your Fronius inverter.


Yes I have a Fronius smart meter installed. It has been working properly since installation however over the past few weeks the data has been becoming more intermittent.


This was yesterday’s data.



If you ‘point’ your web browser at your Fronius inverter on its local IP address 192.168.x.y ( or whatever it is ). Can you see the Smart Meter? Or evidence that it is recording power consumption?


Did you recently alter the PUSH string for your Meter?

Can you verify that the Fronius Data Manager card’s time is correct(ish)? When mine’s drifts too much strange things happen. The time shown on the inverter’s LCD display is not necessarily the same as the D.M. card. Ordinarily it would be set to ‘Automatic’. Even still I have found that it can drift by 10-15 minutes!


Lastly you could try restarting the inverter in case it is just one of those weird things.


I did alter my string to the push setting recently as it was becoming intermittent and quite sporadic. It worked perfectly yesterday then from midnight rather odd. It has been intermittent once again this afternoon…

I have attached screenshot and while I was watching it went from showing consumption to ‘no meter connection’…rather odd. The time setting was spot on. I actually did an inverter shutdown earlier at best went from no consumption readings earlier to intermittent this afternoon

Thanks heaps for your help by the way🙂


I’d be getting suspicious about the connection between the Fronius Meter - in your meter box and the Data Manager card inside the inverter. The cable that was used in my installation is quite fine so it’s not impossible that there’s a loose connection somewhere. I suppose it’s also possible that the meter itself is faulty but possibly less likely.

If you log into your Fronius Solar Web account, assuming that you have one set up, is it showing CONSUMPTION data or are you seeing the same gaps?


The following Fronius API call will query the Smart Meter in realtime. If the meter is absent you’ll either get no data or an error.

[ Where fronius = IP of your inverter / Data Manager card ]


You should see something like the following. [ N.B. I have 3 phase so if you have single you’ll get the abridged version ]


Ok txs I’ll check that setting…maybe I’ll need to get installer to verify connection is ok as well


Hi grannos,

Thanks for info yesterday appreciate your help. I am almost certain it’s not a string error in this case as my actual solar output today and yesterday was significantly less as it was self limited to only 5kw per hour output (single phase) normally with our usage we are up between 7-8.5kw depending on our consumption. Obviously because there was no consumption registered it was limited to produce a max output of 5kw. I’ll need to get a technician to have a look.


Hi fothers,

As I recall the wiring between the Data Manager card and the meter is quite ‘delicate’. There is also a small DIP that needs to be set on the Data Manager card. If the switch isn’t quite in the correct place OR a wire has moved or popped out of position at either end it could cause ‘continuity’ problems with the meter. Hopefully the fix will be painless.




Quick update for you to add to your memory bank of data :wink:

Indeed as you suggested in one of your thought bubbles the smart meter was indeed faulty, technician attended with a 10min fix and new smart meter installed, system and data now working flawlessly again! Your a genius :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi fathers,

Thanks for the feedback. As you suggest I will add that to my list of things… :smile: