Connect tranenergy PVI4000TL to Cloud / Internet

I am looking to connect my solar inverter PV4000 to the Internet so I can register with a portal to get solar yeld information.
I have seen other posts helping with the change of domain and portal upgrades happening with tranneneegy, but I need to cross this bridge first.

I have an 9 pin serial port connection on the invertor, sat behind a RS232 blanking plate.
Does anyone know if I can use this to plug into ethernet or a WiFi module?

Thanks in advance.

There seem to be a lot of different inverters that share use ‘PV4000’ as a model number. Can you provide more details? Make / Model.


Thanks, its a Trannergy 4KW invertor.

Product Type: PVI4000TL

I have attached a picture of the serial port on the bottom.

According to the user guide:

6.1. Communication Interfaces

This product has a communication interface RS-232, RS-485/422 and WiFi/GPRS/Ethernet /USB(**optional**). Operating information like output voltage, current, frequency, fault information, etc., can be delivered to PC or hardware storage devices or other monitoring equipment via communication interface

6.2. Communication

When user want to know the information of the power station and manage the entire power system. We offer below 4 type communications.