Connect to bridge WiFi

My inverter is at the opposite end of the home to the Internet connection and WiFi router. I have a second router at that end of the house, connected to the first via an Ethernet cable. However the growatt inverter won’t connect to it. There is some done print in the manual that says that growth inverters cannot connect to a bridge WiFi. I assume that mine is a bridge.

How do people connect in this type of case? The great limitation sounds unreasonable. I wouldn’t have chosen a growatt of I had known before installation.

I have a Growatt. I also have 3 routers.
I use ethernet to the routers.
All I have done is turned off WAN and under LAN turned off DHCP and given each router its own IP addy.
Main router sets DHCP addresses.
Then I have given the routers unique wifi name . different to main router and using a different channel number. Been working 100% like that for years.
Im using ASUS routers but worked OK with Netgear also.
When Growatt looks for a WIFI channel I set it to the closest one.


Thank you. I want to use the same WiFi name