Configure PVOutput for Dutch prices


I’m new here. Is there anyone that can share the configuration to setup PVOutput to the Dutch prices? Maybe someone who already went through the process could provide some guidance?



I can’t help you with Dutch specific prices - is there more than one provider? Does the provider(s) offer more than one plan?

Unless you are on a fixed price contract you are most likely to be billed in one of 2 ways with possible variations on each.

Where I live, Perth Western Australia there are ONLY two choices. A flat rate per kWh + a daily connection fee. The alternative is Time of Use metering which here is marketed as ‘Smart Home Plan’. Basically the rate per kWh varies with the time of day ( Off-peak, Shoulder and Peak ) it also depends on whether the day is a weekday or weekend. It does not vary seasonally. The consumer still has to pay a daily connection fee.

If you are on a flat tariff it’s dead simple to set-up PVO.

If you are on a ToU tariff it’s slightly more complicated. PVO provides plenty of flexibility in this regard. You will need to know what your provider charges per kWhr and at what times ( and days ) the various rates apply.

If you are on ToU and it varies seasonally e.g. a Summer schedule and a Winter schedule it will get more complicated again.

See for more information.

Good luck & welcome.


@ grannos: Yes, in Holland we have more than one provider, you can contract more than 30 electricity providers on any given adress. Contracts with most providers are: for a 1 year (fixed price), 3 years (fixed price), or variabel (with price adjustments every 6 months).
There are (last time I looked) 3 providers who bill you on daily basis, with prices based on the APX next-day spotmarket price --> when a storm is expected in Germany - with it’s many windmills - the spot price for tomorrow is very low.

@ ptknigt: I wanted to be able to forecast my yearly electricity bill. To get a reasonable approximation I use

  1. data from my smart meter (with a Youless + PVO)
  2. the (daily, weekly, monthly) data from my provider
  3. a spreadsheet.

I haven’t discovered a method within PVO to do this.


  1. When you change a tariff, the new tariff is the only one PVO uses for all calculations, history is not stored. This applies for both TOU rates and flat rates (another option in provider contracts).
  2. The feed-in tariff depends on the kWh amount you buy from the provider. If you feed in more than you consume (on a yearly basis) a seperate (lower) tariff applies.

I’m convinced there are Dutch(wo)men who can do what you seem to want, but they’re probably wizards with Raspberries etc. (which is too complicated for me).

You may be able to learn more on the site.