Conext Combox -> PVoutput Help

Im hoping someone can help out - For two years I had a script pulling logs from my Conext Combox to a Windows 10 PC, and the pvoutput integration service picked them up and sent them to

Last weekend I did something dumb and cleaned up that PC and I deleted the python directory - I forgot the script was written in Python!

While I do code, I didnt create the script that pulled the logs - I found it, way back, and I have no idea where to find it now - Ive looked for a week now and I need to give up and was hoping someone in for the forums may have something to do this?

If not, Ill write something - Im just too busy with work right now and I dont think I will get time for a few weeks.


You might find it here:

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Thanks for the suggestion - took a look, its a bit different from what I ran before - My last script logged to a file, this one seems to use MQTT for stats, but its better than starting from ground zero writing my own.

Im going to look tomorrow a little more in-depth and see what I can use from it.

Thanks again for the suggestion … Its a start :slight_smile:

Perfect - using that Python source, I can create a quick logger that pulls the values I need and store them in a log that the PVoutput integration service can pick up. Thanks again for the link.