Compare plans

What is the standby option in the compare plans graph?

it shows as $0.00 on the plans i compare with but the Current plan doesnt have it graphed?
what is it and how do i get it to display?

This means the standby / always-on cost under both plans are the same.

How if the tariffs are different?

Which of your plans are you comparing?

my current is ovo solar 2023 post july and comparing to origin 2023 post july.
Standby is $0.00 no matter the plans i choose to compare

Uncheck the “No Recalculation” option and standby differences should show.

The initial “Current” graph shows no standby cost for performance reasons, so this is expected behaviour.

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thanks I didn’t see that option in the graph customise settings and had no idea it would apply to standby.
What is the point of the no recalculation if you are comparing plans?

The option improves compare performance without having to retrieve 5-minute data. It would probably be removed in the future to avoid confusion.

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