Classic Monitor's upload data not displaying

Hallo PVO.

Fist, a great thank you for this incredible site. A real benchmark.

userid=37723: MNC200

My Classic Monitor’s upload data for The MidNite Classic 200 stopped to be displayed/updated on the daily graphs.
Last update was 29/06/21.

A message is displayed that data has been submitted to PVOuput.(By ClassicMonitor app) But I have no way of checking that it actually did.

Could you please assist in confirming an attempt to upload from my device should your logs be available for this.

As you will notice, there are plenty years of this ‘just working’

I’d appreciate your guidance.
Thanks so much,

This should be working now.

Incredible, thank you so much.
Will see tomorrow.

Much appreciated.

Thank you so much!

2021-07-09 10_19_33-MNC200 2.400kW — Mozilla Firefox