Changing ladder filter also changes my live outputs filter


I have setup a country and postcode filter on the live outputs page because I do not want to see the whole world there
When I go to the ladder page, I see a lot of systems with low completeness of data. To filter those out, I set a filter on completeness there.
When I switch back to the live outputs page, the country filter is gone
This seems a bug to me


Try setting the country filter on the ladder/live page, if ‘All’ is selected it will override the account setting.


Thanks for the reply, but that does not what I expected
The fact that selecting All for country in one page filter overrides the filter for another page, is exactly the problem

I like my Live Outputs page being filtered on my country and a postcode range, and the Ladder page filtered only on Completeness and not on country. That seems impossible, as fiddling with the country filter on either page effects the shown results on both pages.
Because the filter popups on Live Outputs and Ladder look different, I presumed they would only operate within the page you use them, leaving other page filters untouched.