Changes to Get Statistic API

The Get Statistics API service will now have the following rate limits effective 12th Dec 2018 -

  • 6 12 per hour for regular accounts
  • 30 60 per hour for donation accounts

Results are cached for 24hrs for the same query.

These rate limits only apply to the Get Statistics API and do not affect the global rate limits documented in -

Why is this changed and why is this not actively communicated? My PvOutputPro App on iPhone stopped working yesterday with the 6 request per hour error.

Strange about that, I do not open the app every hour. Maybe twice a week. So looks like the counters are not reset correctly.

This request is taking up excessive server resources. The app should not need to call Get Statistics every 5-minutes.

I am using Domoticz to get the PVOutput data. Domoticz checks every 5 minutes so I now get 6 login error messages every hour from HH:30 to HH:55. I can not change these 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Very sad this is not communicated by mail

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With all do respect, why not donate? It is not that expensive (and the guy who is speaking spend in a currency with 4 to 1 dollar ratio), the money helps @bankstownbloke to keep this great service running. A service this big can add up costs very quickly due servers, bandwidth and everything else. Imagine if every user send data every 5 minutes and also requests data every 5 minutes, this doubles bandwidth at least, doubles server demand at least.

Let´s be honest: one request every 10 minutes for free is far enough (remember you still have one request every 5 minutes to send data also for free).


Even the donation request rate is low. We had a 60/300 limit, and not 6/30.

Thanks @Aad3228, I know understand where the rate limit hit came from. Also have a Domoticz installation in place.

@jrbenito, I do not mind about paying for the service. Did it in the past but I did not had any benefit of it so forgot to extend my membership.
If I am right the send data is another API with other limits.

I understand that donations are needed. No problem at all. But is it so difficult to send out an email a couple of weeks before you change such setting? And why not keep the donation request limit at 300? I feel like I am placed in the corner: PAY or NO DATA. If you want users to pay it is better to be gentle and keep them informed.

I will reconsider the use of PvOutput. It has some advantages, but not sure if want to be forced to pay.

Would you be so kind to update the documentation?

The rate limit has been increased to 12 and 60 per hour for regular and donation accounts respectively.

Get Statistics results for the same query are now cached for 24hrs and will result in the same statistic for 24 hrs. Making a request every 5-minutes is now redundant.

To clarify, these rate limits only apply to Get Statistics. Rate limits are still 60 per hour for all other requests.

Thanks for the change!